Child Protection Policy

Aims of the policy

The Tim Pitman Goalkeeping School aims to provide appropriate policies and procedures that will ensure the safety of children involved with the school.

Recruitment and selection of persons working with children

The Tim Pitman Goalkeeping School will ensure that all persons  connected with the school and working with children are subject to the following checking procedures and safeguards:
  • Checking references and identity.
  • Ensuring applicants have all been CRB checked.
  • Allowing no unaccompanied access to children until all the above have been completed.
  • Providing on-going supervision.


The parent or guardian of very child must sign a consent form. The information on the form includes personal details about health, medication and emergency contact numbers. No child will be left on their own at any activity.


  • We will not investigate any allegations.
  • We will follow the general youth and children’s work guidelines.
  • We will listen to the children and young people.
  • We will observe children’s behaviour for sudden and dramatic behaviour changes.
  • We will try to understand their home lives.
  • We will ensure that everyone in the school is prepared for the fact that a child could disclose abuse or other fears at any time.
The Tim Pitman Goalkeeping School will review this Child Protection  Policy annually for the purposes of ongoing development of the policy and compliance.

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