Goalkeeper Nutrition

Before Training

As a Goalkeeper, you need to have lots of energy to  to maintain a high performance. Before training, you should consume a meal containing lots of complex carbohydrates.

For example, a good meal before training could be two Weetabix biscuits with semi skimmed milk and a (200ml) glass of orange juice.

Energy comes from carbohydrates. Weetabix are suitable for a goalkeeper's diet as they contain high amounts of carbohydrates, which use energy slowly. Weetabix are also low in fat and sugar. This benefits the goalkeeper as it avoids weight gain.

Pre Match Diet – Night Before Match

The night before a match, it is important that a goalkeeper's glycogen levels are high. This is acheived by consuming high amounts of complex carbohydrates. Porridge with low fat milk is another good example of a high carbohydrate meal.

After Training/Match

After a long training session or a 90 minute game, the goalkeeper's muscles will be sore and need to be repaired. In order for muscles to repair quicker high amounts of protein need to be consumed. Protein helps rebuild muscle fibres and assists in re-building the muscle.

Consuming a protein shake after exercise will provide high sums of protein, assisting the repairing of muscles. An example of an evening meal which could be consumed after a day of exercise is fish with new potatoes and peas.

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